We’re all Creative

A short essay about creativity.

All beings share the same divine spark that everything was created from, therefore, we’re all creative.

Being creative is linking seemingly separated ideas. Identifying patterns, and assembling different thoughts to solve problems.

Increasing creativity is a matter of making these idea associations often and a lot. Turning it into a habit, a regular way of thinking.

Becoming more creative is simply increasing our skill and speed to connect and associate lots and lots of ideas together.

On the other hand, killing creativity is limiting oneself from exploring ideas…
…because of fear.

Fear of judgment, fear of the consequences, fear of the uncertainty in the face of the unknown.

Now finding ideas is cool and everything, but bringing them into the material world involves knowledge and technical dexterity.
Wich takes discipline to develop.

Letting creativity flow and grow is just a matter of fearlessly exploring thought possibilities, and having the discipline needed to acquire the knowledge and develop the technique that making things happen requires.

And ye,we can all do that.

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