How to draw ANYTHING (a quick-start guide) Part 10/10 — Redraw and improve

The first draft of everything is normally pretty lame. When we write something we normally have to rewrite it to make it better. “Nailing it” on the first try is fairly uncommon, and drawing is not different.

To do this we just need to add our first draft to our reference panel and do it again tweaking everything we judge necessary to get our message across or achieve our objective with greater clarity.

Actually, redrawing and “pushing” something through multiple iterations to achieve clearer readability is a common practice in the animation industry. And hey, if we didn’t want to do something over and over again to improve at it we might as well not breath regularly.

With this post, our 10 step journey on HOW TO DRAW ANYTHING is done, good imagination and understanding drawing as a process is the base of all good illustration work, All this content will be compilated into a Mega-Post to make it easier to consult on the future :). I hope it has been useful and wait eagerly for your own drawings and questions!

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I draw cartoons and sometimes animate them. Contact: Portofolio:

I draw cartoons and sometimes animate them. Contact: Portofolio: