A short essay about creativity.

Creativity is not a monopoly.

All beings share the same divine spark that everything was created from, therefore, we’re all creative.

Being creative is linking seemingly separated ideas. Identifying patterns, and assembling different thoughts to solve problems.

Interesting = Story

We, humans, crave stories like we crave food. We seem to love the sense of wonder, intrigue, and discovery that storytelling allows us to participate in.

We can see something beautifully done, like a cool drawing, for a couple of minutes and go “wow, that’s cool”, but few of us…

A Venezuela-explainer orgasming over the assumptions from a bilingüal Vennie.

First: the point of this essay is (beyond any political position) to state that any person with an outside perspective on something (like some country’s politics while living in another country) explaining to an inside person (who lives inside the country the outsider is blabbing about) why they’re wrong about…

I draw cartoons and sometimes animate them. Contact: Portofolio:

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